New Tarantella

They say that New Tarantella is the land the society forgot, but in reality, society abandoned. This town was created 40 years ago with the hopes of becoming a hub that would attract many types of people to live and work there. The problem was that the town was founded by a madman. Steeve started the town with the idea that if he could kidnap people and put them in his town, they would live and work there and willingly help grow the town. Obviously this was a flawed conclusion, but none of his advisors told him otherwise.

The progress of creating this city was astounding though. You can make a lot more progress with forced labor than you can with unionize workers or contractors. The city grew to a large scale, enveloping the many ruins, swamps, forests, caves, and smaller settlements that sounded the 7 mile radius that is the city. This is the greatest accomplishment that no one wanted or asked for. The city grew into a twisted shape. Much of the infrastructure is weak or nonexistent all together.

The residents of New Tarantella are just as dark and twisted as the city they inhabit. There is very little law in the city and many of the inhabitants consider themselves inmates. Random crimes occur daily throughout the city ranging from murder to vandalism. Many of the younger people do not even know they can leave. The city has created a cult like environment that splits the city into two major groups. There are those that worship the city as if it is a god that protects the followers (The Metropolitans). Then there are those who hate the city and see their existence as a form of purgatory that they cannot escape (Cliethros).

There are only a few forms of entertainment in the city. There is the arena where the grizzly gladiator fights take place. People volunteer to fight beasts to earn fame and money. Those who win consecutively are often honored with a political position serving under Steeve as the coveted Intern position. The other popular entertainment is live theater. There is a surprising amount of culture in New Tarantella, mostly from the random selection of kidnapped founders sharing their cultures. The shows are often being preformed nonstop all day long and some shows have little to no purpose or plot. The people of New Tarantella are in desperate need to escape their realities, so these shows can be very popular.

This is a town based in mayhem with very little keeping it from turning into full scale riots, but the people live their lives. Some more interesting than others…

New Tarantella

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